5-Point Knee Restoration

 Helping Patients Rediscover Mobility and Freedom

Do you love being active and enjoying life but knee pain continues to plague your ability to get around? The first alternative to knee surgery most people try is lifestyle modification. This may include weight loss options, avoiding activities such as running (which may aggravate the knee injury), modifying your various exercises to low-impact or other changes in your daily routine to try and reduce stress on your knee.

If education, exercise, knee braces, anti-inflammatory medications and even injections or SURGERY have not provided enough relief for you to live pain-free and reasonably active, you may be a good candidate for our Five Point Knee Restoration Program – A highly effective option that has helped patients from all over the country avoid knee replacement surgery.

Why Choose Our Program?

We use the latest technologies in knee decompression, light therapy, electrotherapy, neuromuscular techniques, and nutrition in our revolutionary Five Point Knee Restoration Program for knee pain. Dr. Althoff has had extensive training with the best in the field, and we consistently aim to find better ways to serve and treat our patients.

With the use of this special equipment in our office, our patients are seeing better and faster results without the use of drugs or surgery. Our patients’ knee pains have reduced which has been allowing many of them to increase activity and use of their knees!


We’re Here For You.

The best way to know if our Five Point Knee Restoration Program will work for you is to schedule a visit with Dr. Althoff. Call us at 970-686-6833 to book an appointment today!