1. What type of neuropathy do I have?

It’s important to know what type of neuropathy you have so that you can understand how it may affect your body and what treatment options may be available.

2. What is causing my neuropathy?

Understanding the underlying cause of your neuropathy can help your doctor determine the best course of treatment. Many times the doctor will tell you the cause are things like diabetes, autoimmune issues, infections, alcoholism, trauma or injury, nutritional deficiencies, or medications. The importance is that all of these conditions cause issues with the surface circulation in your feet and hands. The lack of proper blood flow causes the nerves to feel strangled. The circulation brings nutrition and oxygen to the nerves. If the nerves are suffocated for even a short period of time, they begin to die.

3. What are my treatment options?

Traditional medicine offers very few options for neuropathy including medications that cover up the pain and slow the nervous system reactions and physical therapy to help with balance. Unfortunately, this approach does nothing to return blood flow to the damaged areas or reconstruct the nervous system. Our clinic focuses on returning circulation and blood flow to the affected areas and then stimulating the nervous system to rebuild itself. 

4. What can I do to manage my symptoms?

Neuropathy can cause a range of symptoms, including pain, numbness, and tingling. Conventional medicine can recommend strategies to help you manage these symptoms, such as exercise or changes to your diet. Althoff Wellness Clinic helps your body heal itself.

5. What is the long-term outlook for my condition?

Some types of neuropathy can be managed, while others may be more difficult to treat. Neuropathy is always progressive and can be aggressive. Some patients’ neuropathy symptoms go from very mild to critical in less than a year. It is important to take action fast! The less sensory nerve damage, the easier it is to reverse. 

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