Nancy Zawada suffered from neuropathy in her hands and feet. The neuropathy symptoms were the worst in her right thigh. The pain was almost constant and made it difficult to stand for more than 10 minutes in the kitchen or to walk to the mailbox. She had been using a walker to help her get around and to lessen the electric shock like pains she would feel. Her and her husband have always enjoyed the outdoors and wanted to continue to go camping. So, she took a walker while camping but found it hard to navigate on the rocks near the campsite. 

Nancy had tried multiple different treatments. She is no stranger to holistic medicine. However, with all of her different attempts, she was losing hope. 

Nancy saw a flierale come in the mail and decided to come and listen to a free seminar I was giving. For the first time in a while….  She experienced some hope.

Nancy went through our comprehensive paperwork, a consultation where she explained her despair, our extensive exam, thermography scan and balance testing. She started the therapies we recommended at home and in the clinic and began to notice a difference after just a few months. 

After 1 year, Nancy shares that her life has completely turned around. She continues to feel 90% better with her symptoms and her neuropathy. Not only does she feel better, but her tests show that her circulation has greatly improved and her nerves are healing. Nancy said, “Pictures don’t lie and numbers don’t lie!” She is able to walk without pain. She can go camping with her husband and enjoy herself. Nancy shared that she can help take care of her grandkids and play with them. She has more aspirations for her future and her retirement. She states… “It works if you work it!”

Patient Progress

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