Meet the Team

At Althoff Wellness Clinic we strive to do things differently.  Our hope is that you will feel the difference.  We strive to be Christ like in all we do and focus on the patient's individual needs giving them solutions with natural care.  Our team works together to serve and save lives one patient at a time.

  • Katrina

    You'll find Katrina's smiling face at the front desk. She's amazing at helping patients check in, providing physical therapy, answering the phone, scheduling patients, working on personal injury cases, ordering supplies and just about anything else needing done in the clinic.  The key to her heart ... coffee!

    She was born and raised in Colorado. She graduated from Valley High School in Gilcrest, Colorado, where she still resides with her husband and two beautiful children. In her free time, she loves to spend time outdoors and camping with family.  

  • Theresa

    Theresa helps with the front desk and providing physical therapy and wherever else she's needed.  However, her main focus is welcoming the new patient to our clinic and helping them through each step of their appointment.  She's also the giver of hugs!  

    Although born and raised in New Mexico, Theresa now calls Colorado home as she has lived here since 2005.  She has been blessed with the three most amazing children and loves being called their 'MaMa Bear'.  She enjoys flying kites, swinging on the swings, movies, drives in the country and learning new things.  She strives to live today so as not to regret yesterday or dread tomorrow.

  • Nikolai

    You'll see Nikolai quickly moving through the clinic helping where he is needed. He will be mostly assisting patients on their therapies and will occasionally fill in up front. Nikolai's secret talent is being able to charm just about anyone with his contagious smile and warm personality. 

    Nikolai was born in Minnesota and then later relocated to Minot, ND with his family in 2013. He moved to Colorado in September of 2020 for a nice change of scene and with hopes of discovering new ways of life. Nikolai enjoys all of the things Colorado has to offer such as camping, hiking, skiing, and not experiencing -60 degree weather anymore!

  • Avis

    Avis is not only Dr. Althoff's mom, she is the wonder woman who comes to the rescue when help is needed.  When someone is sick, on vacation or extra help is wanted Avis is right there to do whatever is asked.  She's our positive polly!

    She's been happily married to John for 45 years and that ain't bad out of 49.  (humor is one of her things too!)  



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