Neuropathy Reversal


Are you tired of suffering from extreme pain such as burning, walking on needles, numbness, tingling and worse?   
Are you frustrated being given prescription after prescription with no cure?
Are you fed up with having the side effects from all those prescriptions?
Are you lonely from not being able to get out and enjoy life?
Do you suffer from awful sensations like burning, walking on needles, numbness, tingling and more?
Have you given up?

We at Althoff Wellness Clinic want you to know there is hope!

Call to find out about our special on the consultation & examination!!

Althoff Wellness Clinic gives hope without taking endless drugs with serious side effects. We do things different!! We help your body heal itself using a combination of things such as addressing your nutritional needs, structural integrity, using infrared light therapy, electrical nerve stimulation and physical therapy.

In order to effectively treat neuropathy three factors must be determined.

1) What is the underlying cause?

2) How much nerve damage has been sustained.

NOTE: Once 85% nerve loss has been sustained, there is likely nothing that we can do.


3) How much treatment will be required?

The treatment we provide has three main goals:

1) Increase blood flow and get nutrition back to the nerves.

2) Stimulate small and large fiber nerves.

3) Decrease brain-based discomfort …less pain!

Recovery is possible. Numerous patients graduate from care with little to no discomfort from neuropathy. They can sleep without pain, walk further, regain their balance, enjoy their time with grandkids and even go on vacations without neuropathy pain. Many have even spoken with their doctors and either reduced or completely eliminated their medications.

Call today to find out if you qualify for this non-invasive, safe treatment program. 



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